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Made here, in the USA

The 3 best excavator attachments on the market

No matter the job, an excavator is only as good as its attachments. Whether you’re looking for increased range and need an excavator auger, or are looking to clear some underbrush, having the right attachment is vital. Our locally crafted attachments are just what you need to increase productivity and take your jobs to the next level.



Quality craftsmanship

Having a properly balanced and well-made excavator attachment means you can get the job done without worry. We rigorously test our products (and even use them ourselves!) to make sure they can handle what you’re going to throw at them. They are designed to work as hard as you and get the job done.



Locally made to support the US economy

We believe in growing and expanding our own markets. That means creating excavator attachments right here in the USA, ensuring they are properly constructed and up to strict safety standards. We know that you’re using our products to grow your own local business, and we’re honored to play our part.



Attachments for every job

Whether you’re destroying a tree, clearing some underbrush, splitting some logs for winter, or are in need of a pallet fork – Rut Manufacturing has you covered. We take the time to make sure the attachment works with your particular excavator and will fit your needs!

Need a replacement part? Since we manufacture our own products it would only make sense that we’d keep extra parts on hand.



Personalized Customer Service

You aren’t just a number, and we aren’t going to put you in contact with a customer service rep that doesn’t even know our products. We want to learn about you, hear about your excavator attachment needs. Below are our personal email addresses and our office phone number. Give us a call. We’d love to get to know you.



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Rut Manufacturing is a family and veteran-owned business that takes pride in providing outstanding service to our clients. It’s our goal to make your job easier. If you’re interested in any of our products or services, contact us by phone or email and we can answer any questions you may have.

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