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Rut Manufacturing takes advantage of new technological advances in our industry when designing new products. Newer construction equipment has merged hydraulics and electronics. This merge makes the equipment more versatile than ever before. Kevin and Ira stay up-to-date on the advances in the construction industry, allowing Rut to always provide you with innovative products and services.

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The Founders

of Rut Manufacturing

Kevin Matney Rut Manufacturing

Kevin Matney

I got my first job when I was fourteen at a body shop where I helped repair and paint cars. This being my first job, it opened my eyes to what it takes to do quality work. I realized, after my first week on the job, that if I didn’t do my job well, then the next employee couldn’t complete theirs either.


As I entered the workforce, I developed new skills and abilities. It seemed as though steel and metalwork were calling my name.


After being a production welder for some time, I wanted to broaden my skill set. I started studying CNC machining, AutoCad, and product design. I really started understanding the manufacturing process. Then I got the opportunity to be the shop foreman at a fabrication company. After finding success in this position, I realized I could own and operate my own business. I partnered up with my brother and started our first company in my backyard.

Ira Matney

I vividly remember my Dad taking me to my first job when I was twelve. He arranged for me to work on a tobacco farm in Ledford, NC. As I watched the sun come up over the fields, I felt the excitement, nervousness, and wonder. By the end of that day, I thought that there had to be a better way to do this job. As I got older and took on other jobs, I found myself asking the same question. It didn’t matter if I was working in a hosiery mill, a lumberyard, or a manufacturing plant. I always wanted to find an easier and better way.


I joined the Navy shortly after high school because I want to see more of the world. While in the military, I learned about discipline, honor, and integrity. After the Navy, I moved back to Denton NC and went to work as a welder.


Then I came across an opportunity to try my hand at Sales. I said to myself: If I am going to be in sales I am going to do so on my terms. I wanted to be honest and give the customer the best product to fit their needs. I didn’t want to try to push someone into something they cannot afford or need. My policy of honesty and integrity in the sales process allowed me to almost triple the sales of a company in just 18 months. With the ambition to do more and go farther, I then teamed up with my brother to start our own business.

Ira Matney Rut Manufacturing



Kevin and Ira Matney established Rut Manufacturing because they saw the need for new and innovative products in the construction industry. Unfortunately, we often get accustomed to doing a job in a specific way just because that’s how it’s always been done! But at Rut Manufacturing, our goal is to optimize your equipment to make it as productive and easy to use as possible.


Rut Manufacturing has decades worth of experience in this industry. Kevin and Ira built and owned one of the fastest growing attachment companies in America. They chose to sell that company to get back to their passion of creating innovative products that make people’s lives easier. Rut’s goal is to maximize the efficiency of our equipment so that you can easily perform your job. The best part is that you don’t have to buy several different machines when one of ours can do many jobs!

Before Rut Manufacturing, Kevin and Ira Matney grew their previous company from just the two of them to a $14 million per year corporation with over 70 employees. They sold this company in 2014 to a private equity group that had the means to take it to the next level. Kevin and Ira still have that same drive and passion, but now want to design and produce more innovative products.


That is why they decided to start over again and Rut Manufacturing was born. The Matneys look forward to what the future has in store for them and pray that God’s blessings will be with them on this next journey.


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