Skid Steer Brush Mower/Cutter


The brush mower is great for skid steer, CTL, and MTL machines. The brush mower is designed to cut up to 4-inch diameter material (depending on flow and material). This unit can be built for machines from 10-27 GPM.

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Rut’s skid steer brush mower/cutter is designed to clear fields and brush, handle rough terrain, and unlike other mower attachments, can fit with a wide variety of skid steer brands. The brush mower is great for skid steer, CTL, and MTL machines, so whatever your needs are, our attachment can go the distance.


Unlike other skid steer brush cutter attachments, our brush mower and cutter is designed to cut up to 4-inch diameter material (depending on flow and material), so you’ll never worry about the cutting widths and capabilities of your mower attachment. This unit can be built for machines from 10-27 GPM. To learn more, check out the description below.



Brush Mower/ Cutter Description

Rut’s brush mower/cutter is great for skid steers, CTL, and MTL machines. The brush mower is designed to cut up to 4-inch diameter material, depending on the flow and the material at hand, so you’ll be able to clear through dense brush and overgrown areas. This unit can be built for machines from 10-27 GPM, just choose your size accordingly. Within every skid steer mower attachment, we have 4 different motors that we use in this range in order to properly fit our brush mower to your machine. Brush cutting and mowing equipment has never been so fast, or efficient.


The open front design of this mower allows materials to enter and exit the deck efficiently, far faster than the standard flow of most debris and excess materials. The brush mower comes standard with 5000 psi rated hydraulic hoses with ½” flat face quick couplers. Each one of our units is built for the machine in which you intend to use the mower on, so you’ll never have to worry about the compatibility of your machine. We have several different motor configurations we use on the brush mower to achieve a blade speed of over 14,000 ft per minute. This is the optimal speed for the blades of the mower to cut material properly. This skid steer mounted brush cutter and mower is unlike any other.



Stats about the Brush Mower/Cutter

Check out more information and quick stats about the skid steer mower/cutter:

  • The deck sides are reinforced with ¼” thick grade 50 steel
  • The cutter comes with a ½” thick push bar
  • This brush mower has a 50 horsepower direct-drive gearbox
  • The deck of the brush mower is 3/16” grade 50 steel
  • The skid shoes are ⅜” thick, and are also made with grade 50 steel
  • Our blade holder is 1” thick with 2 blades that are ½” by 3-5/16” by 17-⅞”
  • The quick attach plate is ⅜” grade 50 steel


These heavy-duty attachments are made to withstand years of use, whether it’s clearing brush on your farm, personal land, or right of way. Rut Manufacturing produces the brush mower/cutter to serve both the small landowner, and larger operations like tree companies, power companies, cities, towns, and much more. We believe it takes more than standard brush cutting equipment to get the job done and design our products to fit within your workload, not the other way around.


You will find this mower will devour brush and overgrowth quickly, unlike other mowing decks, and will save you time and money in the long run, while also keeping you and your workers safe.


The skid steer brush mower/cutter is designed for skid steers, CTL (compact track loaders), and MTL (multi-terrain loader) machines. This unit will work on machines with a hydraulic flow between 10-27 gallons per minute. This is a direct drive gearbox mower with a 2 blade cutting system that provides a powerfully effective cut while maintaining safety.


Our brush mower can be set up to work with many popular models such as Case, Caterpillar, Bobcat, New Holland, John Deere, Kubota, Wacker, ASV, and many more.



Our Promise to You

At Rut, our goal is to always create products that serve you on a variety of projects, job sites, and industries. Not all jobs are the same, but with every project, we can guarantee that you’ll never have to worry able the quality, durability, and reliability of your machine. All of our brush mower/cutters are manufactured within the USA, right here in North Carolina, so you can always count on working with handcrafted, high-quality equipment. If you’re searching for the best brush mowers for skid steers, look no further. Rut has everything you need, from skid steer to excavator attachments.



All of our skid steer attachments, whether it’s mowers, cutter, or additional equipment, can handle anything you throw their way. If you’d like to learn more from us, instead of searching the internet for answers, or skid steer attachments near me, fill out the form below. If you’d prefer, give us a call directly. You won’t be dealing with extreme wait times, or bouncing from one customer service rep to another. Give us a call at 336-859-0328, or shoot us an email. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

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