Designing, Building, and Manufacturing Excavator and Skid Steer Attachments

Compact excavator

Top Excavator Products

Tree Slayer

One unit. One attachment. Four jobs. Diversify your arsenal of equipment with the Tree Slayer. Gain a competitive advantage with the Tree Slayer’s ability to reach areas that tractor and skid steers can’t reach and be prepared to take on the toughest jobs with this commercial-grade unit.

Brush Eliminator

The brush eliminator does as promised – removes overgrown brush, and enables you to get to those hard-to-reach areas that aren’t accessible with traditional equipment. Ideal for farm properties, this eliminator saves manpower, requires less work, and gets more done.

Mini- Excavator Disc Mulcher

Rut’s mini excavator disc mulcher is compact and aggressive. The Mini Mulcher is ideal for maintaining hunting properties, farms, and jobs in residential areas. This is a great complimentary attachment for you folks who are currently using skid steer mulchers or dedicated mulching machines.

Top Skid Steer Products

Brush Mower/ Cutter

The speed of Rut’s brush mower will give you the edge you need to get the job done, thanks to a blade tip speed of over 14,000 feet per minute. The brush mower is great for cutting down those hard to reach limbs and debris and ensures you’ll get the job done fast and efficient.

Brush Cutter Terminator

Handle overgrowth and brush on your property with ease, using the Terminator. The three-blade direct-drive cutter system can cut through anything effectively and safely. The AR400 steel can withstand the wear and tear of all your projects, so you’ll be able to use the Terminator for years to come.

Brush Cutter Terminator XP

The upgraded deck thickness and deck sides mean the Terminator XP has the ability to cut through anything. The carbide tipped mulching teeth and gear motor upgrades can do any job, saving you time and money. The Terminator XP is great for landowners, tree companies, power companies, and more.

Check Out The Tree Slayer

Our goal

at Rut Manufacturing

To help you become more profitable and efficient, as well as decrease your workload by making your equipment more productive.

At Rut Manufacturing we have a comprehensive background in building, designing, manufacturing, and selling attachments in the construction industry. Our goal is to leverage our experience to help you:

Increase Your Profit by Reducing Costs

Buying equipment should be fast, straightforward, and affordable. Purchasing your equipment from Rut Manufacturing spares you the additional cost of inflated retail prices, because we design, build, and manufacture all of our products. Our tools are multi-dimensional, so you can buy less and still get more done. This way, you can focus on getting more jobs done, and know you’re getting equipment you can count on.

Work Efficiently, and Effectively

Efficiency isn’t optional when you’re working on a job site. Instead of having an attachment for every step, Rut Manufacturing designs our excavator and skid steer attachments as innovative, multi-dimensional tools. Rut’s multipurpose equipment can complete a variety of jobs, like residential maintenance and commercial gigs, so you can get the job done with just one or two tools. Get the most out of your excavator and skid steer by using products that can do all the work for you.

Rut Manufacturing is a veteran-owned company that takes pride in our work. Our experience ranges from working for attachment companies to building and owning one. All of our products are made in the USA and manufactured and shipped directly from our warehouse in Denton, North Carolina. We have the unique ability to perform a job, analyze what products and processes could make it easier and more efficient, and then make those products a reality. With this talent, we’re shifting our focus to our true passion: designing innovative products that change the way you do your job.




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